Hey Families,

Happy New Year! 2016 was an incredible year filled with milestones and we are believing that 2017 is going to be an incredible year for your family and for MVMT KIDS as well! We kicked off the new year with our annual Pajama party and this year we took it to another level of fun with tons of activities and games! The kids had a blast worshiping while snow and bubbles were falling! There is nothing greater than seeing the joy in their eyes as they worship our God!


We are kicking off the new year with our Brand New monthly Newsletter. In our monthly newsletters you will find updates for upcoming MVMT KIDS events, new Kids Big series information, as well as ideas for how to help your kids grow spiritually in their walk with God. You see, one of our greatest desires is to help families grow spiritually TOGETHER!

We live in a digital world so we are excited to announce that we are also launching a Family blog , where you will be able to access your child's take home cards for the week, the monthly Newsletter and find family tips for helping your child to grow spiritually. Our vision that we have is for the MVMT Kids team to partner with you as parents to help ensure your child Knows God, Finds Freedom, Discover Purpose & Make a Difference!

Text "Family Blog" to 949.267.3242 to access the main page of the Family Center.

Text "Kids Little" "Kids Middle" or "Kids Big"to 949.267.3242 to access your child's electronic take home card and tips on how to follow up with what your kids are learning.

 Text "Newsletter" to 949.267.3242 to access the Monthly Newsletter specifically.


We just started a NEW SERIES called Dojo with Felicia Gutters in the dojo as she must practice the right moves. She also learns the principles of discipline, self-respect, confidence, respect, endurance, integrity, loyalty, and leadership! We will wrap up this series on March 5th with a Dojo themed party. Tell your kids they can dress up like a karate master and to bring their friends because we are going to have fun games and food while we review all we learned in the series and get ready for our new series.