7:00 Dream Team Childcare Begins

7:30 1st Service Finishing Touches Call Time 

8:15 BIG Huddle

8:20 1st Service Team LITTLE Huddles

8:30 1st Service Team Ready and in Places

9:00 1st Service Start Time

9:20-9:30 Head into Service 

9:20 Finishing Touches Team Reset for 2nd Service 

    Hub: Coffee & Accompaniments, Mints & Resources

    Dream Team Check-In: Water, Coffee & Accompaniments, Snacks

    Bathrooms: Mints, Feminine Products, Mouthwash Cups, etc.


Change Over

10:15 1st Service Ends

10:15-10:30 1st Service Team back to positions until 2nd Service Change Over

10:15-10:20 Kid Pick-Up 

10:20 2nd Service Team LITTLE Huddles

10:30 2nd Service Team Ready and in Places

11:00 2nd Service Start Time

12:15 2nd Service Ends



12:30 2nd Service Finishing Touches Call Time