Dream Teamers - ground level

Dream teamers have an eye on the people.

  • Arrive at call time
  • Hit the win for your area
  • People over task

CAPT.  - 10,000 ft

Captains have an eye on a service

  • Communication
  • Appreciation
  • Pastor 
  • Train

Coordinators - 20,000 ft

Coordinators have an eye on entire Sunday

  • Develops leaders (Looking for new leadership & Developing Current)
  • Oversee multiple teams and make sure Sundays run flawlessly.
  • Pastor & Appreciate Captains 
  • Connect the dots for Shadow Recruits

Directors - 30,000 ft

Directors have an eye on the entire ministry

  • Consistently Push Vision 
  • Pastor Coordinators. 
  • Keep team in the "Growing" Category. 
  • What's next this ministry and what's new. 

Everyone: Recruit, Recruit, Recruit.


Supports Lead pastors in making decisions while communicate and Delegate Vision over a specific area of Ministry, Pastors,  and/or Directors.


Communicate Vision. Create/Protect Culture. Develop Leaders.