We want 4 things for you

Most people think the Church wants something from you, but that couldn't be more opposite we want something FOR you.  Here's what we hope for your life at the Movement!

Know God – This is why we exist as a church, to help you find a real relationship with God.

Find Freedom – We believe that we find freedom in the context of relationships with others. We do this through four, 6 week Connect Group seasons each year. Get more info on our current or upcoming season of groups here.

Discover Purpose – We believe that God created you with a unique personality, passions and talents. We would love to help you find out who God created you to be! Take our personality and spiritual gifts test now!

Make a Difference – You haven't lived until you have been a part of a group of people that are committed to changing the world!  We invite you to help us change the world.  Interested in being a part? Go here for more info!