Production Team 


Objective: Maintaining Order Through Excellence


WIN - How we measure if we are hitting the objective:

Hitting all time maps and cues while eliminating distractions


The Basics

  • Respond to Elvanto Text/ Email to confirm/decline serving
  • Communicate to Team Captain when you are unable to be there & input unavailability into Elvanto
  • Be on time to your Call Time
  • Be a part of our Big & Little Huddle (only 1st service Team has a BIG Huddle)
  • Check-in to DreamTeam Check-In, Grab a Lanyard and Vote for the DreamTeam member you would like to honor at our next Team Night 
  • Follow Service Producer and Team Captain’s Directions 
  • Stay on Schedule (Follow the Tech Sheet for Time Maps) 
  • Eliminate Distractions by hitting cues
  • Maintain Order and Excellence throughout the service by being alert and hitting time maps/ cues 
  • Be a part of our Big & Little Huddle (only 1st service Team has a BIG Huddle)
  • If you can help out the crew and tear down the sound board area that is always appreciated! 


The Roster

  • Service Producer: Quarterback the worship experience production by communicating with team leads, hitting time maps and leading service huddle. 
  • Service Producer Assistant: Leading all techs with clear communication to ensure all cues are hit with excellence, while communicating with the Service Producer via walkie. 
  • Sound Tech: Controls the soundboard as an “instrument” of the worship team with excellence, staying constantly engaged with the flow of service to hit all sound cues. 
  • Light Tech: Controls the light board with a high standard of excellence to enhance the look, feel and atmosphere of the room while hitting all light cues. 
  • Media Tech: Manages all visual cues on the screen through ProPresenter, hitting all cues from pre to post-service.