we believe when you are serving you will be fulfilled like never before because we were made to make a difference!

And because of that we want you to feel passionate about where you are serving! If at any time you feel there is an area that would be a better fit for you we want to hear about it! Thank you for choosing to make your life count for something beyond yourself!!!



  • We schedule everything through Elvanto, our online database.
  • You can confirm/ deny a scheduling request sent to you in your email OR tell your Team Captain to make sure your phone number is set up to get a text message sent directly to you.
  • Our Team Captain's schedule in Elvanto on Tuesday and will call text you on Thursday and call you on Friday if they have not received a response so we can be ready to serve the awesome people of The Movement Church come Sunday!
  • Lastly, there is a rotational calendar on the Team Page so you can plan ahead of time and let our Team Captain know if you will be out, or better yet, get it covered by another team member!


sunday morning

  • Arrive a few minutes early to check in at our Dream Team Check-In, grab a lanyard and maybe coffee or a snack!
  • Each team has a different Call Time and you can find that on the Team Page under Team Resources.
  • Our Teams always huddle and get ready to serve! 


follow up

  • We love to hear how it went so your Team Captain will reach out to you over the next week to hear all about it!
  • During this follow up you can identify which team you are on and what your rotation looks like (either once a month, every other week or every week) so you can plan accordingly.
  • Thank you for being awesome and for being a part of reaching THE ONE! We appreciate you!