1. As a captain we count on you to handle communication via Elvanto to schedule your team on your week

  • Tuesday: Elvanto Scheduling
  • Wednesday: Text those who have not yet confirmed
  • Friday: Call those who have not confirmed

Check-in Texts on Off-weeks to your team that are NOT about logistics.

  • Check in and see how their week is going
  • Happy/Crappies
  • Prayer Requests
  • Express Gratitude for all they do
  • Tell them you are looking forward to seeing them on Sunday

2. Ensuring that your roster is filled by Friday and inform your Team Coordinator/ Director if it is not

3. Run the “little” huddle on your week

  • Communicate the Objective & WIN
  • Share "a Name & a Story"
  • Go over any logistics that day may need
  • Pray for the day and any prayer requests


1. Finding ways to add value to your team

  • Donuts, cookies, etc.
  • Celebrate one team member each huddle
  • Starbucks gift card
  • Thank you cards
  • Nominate for We Win Wednesday - Coordinate with Shiloh for nominating We Win Wednesday and for appreciation. Email her at:


1. Invest in and know what’s going on in the lives of your team

  • What’s going on at work
  • How their family is/ marriage/ relationship
  • Where they are at spiritually

2. Identify their next step

  • Have every team member take the Next Steps Finder and walk out their Next Step at the link below: 

3. On the weeks when your team is not “ON” text or call just to check in and be relational (NO LOGISTICS)

  • Pray for them weekly and when you connect

4. Face to Face Connection a few times a year with each team member.  Off the Court (Not at Church on a Sunday morning)



  1. Train Shadow Recruits who are new to the team

  2. Make sure Each team member knows what is expected of them in their

    position on the team roster

  3. Recruit new team members

  4. Identify and build up new team captains


All team Captains Need to sign the MVMT Church Honor Code every Calendar Year: