Objective: Experiential Worship that is Attractional for The One


WIN (how we know we know we are hitting the objective):

People are Engaged, Excited and Eager for the Word


The Basics

  • Respond to Elvanto email/ text to confirm/ decline serving
  • Communicate to Team Captain when you are unable to be there & input unavailability into Elvanto
  • Be on time to your Call Time
  • Attend Worship Practice Weekly


The Roster

  • Worship Director: Directs the Worship team and worship journey by communicating with the worship leaders, music director and musicians on the overall direction of the worship journey. They train, challenge and empower the team to grow in their gifts and how to live a life centered around Christ.
  • Worship Leader: Facilitate the flow of the worship journey by actively engaging the corporate body while intentionally navigating the direction of the team.
  • Music Director: Communicate effectively with Musicians, Frontline and Worship Leaders (via talk back mic) to “direct traffic” sostructure and planned spontaneity are managed, distractions are eliminated, and allowing all music cues to be performed with excellence and proper timing. Helps logistically plan the worship journey and coordinate musical roles for a Sunday worship journey
  • Worship Admin: Manages Elvanto (scheduling teams)and pro presenter; as well as music tools, mp3s, and media, to help facilitate practices and Sunday's experience
  • Frontline/Support Singers: Singing in a hand held micas a supplement to the overall sound by utilizing the parts that are assigned for the worship journey.
  • Musicians: To practice, play, and perform with excellence the set determined by the Worship leader. Knowing the parts and songs as to help cultivate an atmosphere that is exciting, engaging and free from distraction all while leading from their instrument.