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The front door is always open to any and everyone

No matter your story or your past, your orientation or political persuasion, From the down and out to the up and coming, from the affluent to the empty handed. Burnt out on religion, not sure what you believe, in love with Jesus, or just getting started…

The Movement Church is exactly what you are looking for! We try to keep things simple, we’re all just a little jacked up (some more than others) but we don’t have to stay that way.

Our Message is JESUS, we all need His Grace. Our Mission is everyONE far from Him.

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We believe at our core that this is God’s heart for humanity and our region and He built a living entity called The Church to do just that. The Church isn’t a building, it’s people. Jacked up, Imperfect, messy, people, which means that imperfect and messy things can happen in church, but that’s ok.



The Bible is our Truth. It sets the standard, not us. Sometimes it hurts, but it always brings freedom. Our Mission is everyONE far from Him. Connecting people to Jesus, Leading people to mission. We believe at our core that this is God’s heart for each of us and He built a living entity called The Church to do just that. The Church isn’t a building, its people. Jacked up, imperfect, messy people, which means that imperfect and messy things can happen in church but that’s ok. Because people also have the capacity to love, inspire, heal, forgive, and bring hope! We decided a long time ago to quit making perfection the goal, have compassion for humanity, be committed to spiritual growth, have fun and fall more in love with Jesus every day.

Our Pastors

Pastors Carey & Meghan are passionate about awakening people to their God-given destiny and building the local Church. In fact, they moved to Orange County and started The Movement Church to do just that.



Our Pastors make authenticity a priority and they are committed to being, “What you see is what you get” kind of people. Carey & Meghan have been married for almost 23 years and have two girls, Brooklyn age 19, and Avery age 14.

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Carey Robinson

Meghan Robinson

Pastors Carey & Meghan

We are a paradox of terms and we’re ok with it, let us explain.

We are 100% Radical Grace & 100% Personal Ownership

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Meaning God’s grace is Sufficient, (nothing else is needed) it covers every sin! Salvation is for everyONE and it’s free. A true response to grace will always be transformation, when we take personal ownership for our thoughts and actions. The kicker is, people can’t force anyone to change, but God created us with an intrinsic need for people in order to change. So we take personal ownership for our own issues, lean on each other for strength, and extend radical grace to the people who need it the most.

We’re committed to a healthy body & soul, but also to great food!

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Whoever said stop living to eat and start eating to live obviously never had a great burger. That being said, Paul encouraged all things in moderation and to be owned by nothing. So eat well - but with restraint - work out, and sabbath hard. Oh, and enjoy a good beer unless you shouldn’t or feel the conviction not to, then don’t. Just don’t let it master your life.

We are Spirit-Filled, Reformed, Baptist, with women in ministry

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If you belong to the frozen chosen with a secure eternity, welcome home. And if you lose your salvation at every bend, we’ll help you find it. The scripture is pretty clear, it’s the grace of God which leads to salvation, not the belief in whether or not our eternity is secure. We empower People to walk in the fullness of their calling. We try not to limit it to Jews, or Gentiles, slave or free, man or woman. On that note, if the gifts of the Spirit seceded with the apostles, so has knowledge and we think you’re pretty smart!

We think you are awesome and we’re simultaneously unimpressed with you

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We think you are awesome because you were created by maker of the universe and he made the ocean which is why we all live here…We’re unimpressed with where you’ve been, what you’ve done, and who you know. So breathe easy and don’t try to impress us, we already think you are awesome. Unless you are Dewayne “The Rock” Johnson and we actually are impressed with you.

Here are some choices we would make, hands down, every time

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People > Progress
Presence > Process
Growth > Comfort
Honor > Drama
Faith > Doubt
Intention > Tradition
Authenticity > Pretension
Vulnerability > Shame
Action > Apathy


We are going ALL IN to see 27,000 find Jesus, 14,000 find Mission and a church Home for EveryONE over the next 10 years. Join the Movement.

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27,000 Find Jesus

We’ve committed our lives to impact Orange County. 27,000 represents 1% of the unchurched population discovering the hope found only in Jesus.

14,000 Find Mission

14,000 people at The Movement walking in purpose, influencing our state, and impacting our world. This represents 1% of the unchurched population in the 17 cities of South Orange County that we are called to reach.

A Church home for everyONE

We want a campus within 10 min of everyONE in our 17 cities; a community where you are known and needed, and a community that impacts the lost, rejected, orphaned and neglected both locally and globally.

14,000 Find Mission

-Secure a permanent home for the Movement Church
-Launch a 2nd Orange County Campus
-Launch a 2nd International Campus in Central America
-Establish a non-profit foundation, the Go Initiative 501c3.
-Launch Hope Haven, an initiative committed to providing faith
-Based housing as an answer to the foster care crisis in California.

Culture Points

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We Win Together

When people find Jesus, we win, and it takes a team to do just that. We set aside personal ambition and preference in order to accomplish the Mission.


We Fight for Authenticity

We value authentic relationships. We don’t do fake. We believe hard conversations equal growth and we are committed to growing personally and in our relationships.


We Live Generously

We invest our lives and resources to build the church and impact people because we can. We are committed to leveraging our affluence to influence our community, both locally & globally.


We Honor All

God assigns value on people, not us, so we honor our leaders, peers, those that follow realizing honor is a choice.


We embrace pressure

Pressure makes diamonds and births babies. Both are beautiful. At the Movement we embrace pressure and respond with faith and courage knowing that God is doing something through it.


We Go All Out

We bring our best, with an attitude of excellence towards everything we do because we believe excellence honors God.


Solutions Driven

Anyone can see problems, but leaders find solutions and we refuse to see only the negative choose to lead in any environment we’re in!


We Surrender Daily

We’re all jacked up and in desperate need of Jesus, we choose to surrender daily to the power of the Holy Spirit. We will align our heart with His word and His will for our life.

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Check Out Our Statement Of Faith

Our Statement of Faith

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